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, whose full name is Aubrey Graham, is a multi-talented Canadian artist who has left an indelible mark on the music and entertainment industry. With his exceptional skills as a rapper, singer, and actor, has garnered immense fame and fortune.

In this article, we will delve into his fascinating journey, exploring his early life, music career, acting endeavors, business ventures, personal life, and net worth, which stands at an astonishing $250 million.

Net Worth: $270 Million
Salary: $40 Million +
Monthly Income: $4 Million +
Date of Birth: October 24, 1986
Gender: Male
Height: 1.83m (6′ 0″)
Weight: 80 kg (176 lbs)
Profession: Rapper
Nationality: American, Canadian
Age: 36 Yrs

Drake Biography

Aubrey Graham, better known as , was born on October 24, 1986, in Toronto, Canada. Growing up in a diverse cultural environment, he was exposed to music and entertainment from an early age.

His parents’ divorce during his childhood left a lasting impression on him, influencing his artistry and shaping his life’s journey. As a teenager, Drake discovered his passion for music and began honing his skills as a rapper and singer, garnering recognition in the local music scene.

In 2009, he signed with Young Money Entertainment and released his debut studio album “Thank Me Later,” catapulting him to international fame.

Since then, Drake has continued to dominate the music industry with a string of chart-topping albums and hit singles, cementing his position as one of the most influential and successful artists of his generation.

Beyond music, he has also made notable strides in acting, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy, making him a true multi-talented force in the world of entertainment.

Name Aubrey Drake Graham
Net Worth (2023) $270 Million
Profession Rapper, singer-songwriter, actor
Monthly Income $4 million +
Yearly Income $40 Million +
Music career: $160 million
Acting career: $40 million
Endorsement deals: $50 million
Other ventures: $10 million
Last Updated 2023


Early Life

Drake’s journey to success began in Toronto, Canada, where he was born on October 24, 1986. Growing up in a multicultural family, his parents divorced when he was young, leaving a significant impact on his life and shaping his artistry.



During his early years, Drake developed an interest in the performing arts, influenced by his father’s musical background and his mother’s creativity as a teacher. He attended various schools and showed promise in both academics and extracurricular activities.


Teenage Years

As a teenager, Drake faced several challenges, but his passion for music kept him focused. He started honing his skills as a performer and rapper, collaborating with local artists and gaining recognition in the Toronto music scene.


Music Career

Drake’s music career took off when he signed with Young Money Entertainment in 2009, working closely with and releasing his debut studio album “Thank Me Later.” This marked the beginning of his rise to stardom.



“Thank Me Later” was met with critical acclaim, and Drake’s unique blend of rap and R&B captured the hearts of fans worldwide. The album’s success solidified his position in the music industry and set the stage for greater achievements.



In subsequent years, Drake released a series of chart-topping albums like “Take Care” and “Nothing Was the Same,” receiving numerous awards and accolades. His heartfelt lyrics and relatable themes resonated with a diverse audience, earning him a dedicated fan base.



Drake’s success extended beyond his solo projects, collaborating with renowned artists and producers. He constantly reinvented his style, staying relevant in an ever-evolving music landscape and breaking records with each release.


Acting Career

Aside from music, Drake also ventured into acting, showcasing his versatility on the big screen and television.


Early Roles

He made his acting debut in the popular Canadian TV series “Degrassi: The Next Generation.” His portrayal of Jimmy Brooks garnered praise and introduced him to a broader audience.


Critical Acclaim

Drake’s transition to the big screen was seamless, as he starred in movies like “Breakaway” and “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.” Critics praised his performances, highlighting his natural acting prowess.


Ongoing Projects

As of today, Drake continues to explore acting opportunities while balancing his thriving music career, showcasing his dedication to both crafts.


Business Ventures

Beyond entertainment, Drake ventured into entrepreneurship with a series of successful business endeavors.


OVO Sound

He founded the record label OVO Sound, which not only promotes his music but also provides a platform for emerging artists to showcase their talent.


Clothing Line

Additionally, Drake established his clothing line, October’s Very Own (OVO), which gained popularity for its stylish designs and collaborations with prominent fashion brands.


Personal Life

Despite his fame, Drake keeps his personal life relatively private, but some aspects have made their way into the public eye.



Throughout his career, Drake’s relationships with various celebrities have been a topic of media interest, adding to his already captivating persona.



Drake is also known for his philanthropic efforts, actively contributing to various charitable causes and initiatives.


Drake Net Worth

As of the most recent estimates, Drake’s net worth stands at an astounding $250 million. This tremendous wealth is a testament to his exceptional success as a musician, actor, and entrepreneur.

Throughout his career, he has achieved record-breaking album sales, lucrative endorsement deals, and substantial revenue from his clothing line, OVO. Additionally, his strategic investments in various industries have contributed significantly to his financial prowess.

Despite his immense riches, Drake remains grounded and continues to use his wealth to support charitable causes and make a positive impact on society.


Drake Net Worth Growth

Drake Net Worth in 2023 $270 Million
Drake Net Worth in 2022 $230 Million
Drake Net Worth in 2021 $200 Million
Drake Net Worth in 2020 $170 Million
Drake Net Worth in 2019 $150 Million
Drake Net Worth in 2018 $135 Million



Drake’s remarkable journey from a humble beginning to becoming a global icon is a testament to his exceptional talent and dedication.

With his music, acting, entrepreneurial ventures, and philanthropy, he continues to inspire millions worldwide. Drake’s impact on the entertainment industry remains , and his legacy is sure to endure for generations to come.

Drake’s net worth of $250 million is just one aspect of his incredible story. His artistry, versatility, and dedication have earned him a prominent place in the hearts of fans and critics alike.

As he continues to evolve and create meaningful contributions, it’s clear that Drake’s influence on the world of entertainment is far from over.

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